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 We look for candidates with a willingness to learn, a great attitude and a commitment and drive to continuously improve.  

We are currently hiring for the following positions: 

Surveillance Investigators

Immediate openings available!! 

  We are looking for a surveillance investigator to join our team to help stop fraudulent activity. 

A surveillance investigator will document the daily activity of individuals by obtaining video evidence, writing detailed reports, and will have the ability to testify in court.  Video can be captured from a vehicle, inside supermarkets, gyms, restaurants and any other public location.  **(We will train you how to do all of this without being spotted!!)

***Experience is not needed- You will be fully trained in all aspects of investigations. 

***We will provide you with all equipment necessary including a VEHICLE!!  (most companies make you use your own vehicle and equipment)

***Paid while commuting- You will begin getting paid from the moment you leave your house to when you return.

Job Duties:

  • Obtaining video evidence of a subject’s daily activities 

  • Writing detailed notes and reports of those events and submitting them in a timely manner.

  • Communicate effectively with managers.   



  • High School Graduate- (college degree preferred but not necessary)

  • Ability to begin work as early as necessary for the case.  No set hourly schedule.

  • Good Driving Record

  • Clean Criminal record

  • Independent, motivated

  • Competitive

  • Computer Literate

  • Quick and reasonable decision-making abilities

  • Able to work weekends and Holidays (but not all of them)


This is a position that can be enjoyed by someone wanting to be in a criminal justice field or for a person who thinks they would enjoy this.  We have seen people who are teachers, authors, nurses, and landscapers be exceptional surveillance investigators.  We have also seen ex-police officers who are terrible as surveillance investigators.  If this is a position that interests you, please apply. 



  • Starting pay is $15-$20 per hour with a typical week being 50 hours (Yearly is 45-60K)

  • Vacation Pay

  • Monthly bonuses

  • Medical reimbursements

  • No out of pocket expenses.  You will be given everything you need to do the job.

  • Phone Reimbursement


If you are interested please send a resume to Interviews will be scheduled immediately. 

Transcriptionist and Report Writer

This is a remote position working whatever hours you prefer.  Weather you like working at 2 am or 10 pm you are free to do so.  In this position you will receive  

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